*SOLD OUT* "Run4Rescues 5k" Race - Selected Charity "The Ghetto Rescue Foundation"

    • You may recognize the resemblance of the medal to a famous PeloPet!
    • 25% of the total profits for this race will go towards the charity "The Ghetto Rescue Foundation, www.ghettorescue.org."  "We serve low income, high crime rate communities located in, but not limited to, Los Angeles, California and portions of Texas. These areas are saturated with homeless, abandoned, and abused “street” dogs.  These poor animals are sick, injured, starving, and struggling to survive.  They have no voice and they desperately need help."
    • This is a 5k race and the medals are going on presale till 8/11/2019. 
      • THIS RACE IS BEING HELD ON SUNDAY 09/22/2019. 

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