"BEE DIFFERENT" 192mi Swarm Virtual Race

    • Welcome to The Swarm Virtual Races!  This is your place to set goals and SMASH them!  Are you ready for the RACE?
    • This leg of the "Bee Line Series Race" challenges you to rack up those miles from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Roswell, New Mexico!  Are you ready to be abducted? This leg of the race is 192 miles.
    • We will be focused on being DIFFERENT during this race!  In a world full of Echelon's be a PELOTON and let your light shine.  People are so accustomed to falling into place and be like everyone else, but it is time to go off path and BEE DIFFERENT.
    • With the completion of this and the previous leg of the race, you have biked, ran, rolled and/or danced 2,2464.6 miles if you started with us in Seattle, WOW!
      • Your race begins after the purchase of this medal.  It is your choice on when you technically start it and when you complete it.  Your Race! Your Pace! 

      • Upon purchase of this race you will  be receiving an email with your invitation to join our group mission through our partnership with MyVirtualMission. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THE EMAIL IMMEDIATELY UPON PURCHASE!

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