"BEE DARING" 128mi Swarm Virtual Race - Selected Charity "REED Foundation for Autism"

    • Welcome to The Swarm Virtual Races!  This is your place to set goals and SMASH them!  Are you ready for the Race?
    • 10% of the purchase price from the sale of this item is donated to the charity "REED Foundation for Autism" "1 in 59 Amercans are diagnosed with autism each year.  We're committed to providing resources and support for individuals with autism throughout their lifetime"
    • This leg of the Bee Series Race challenges you to rack up those miles from Las Vegas, Nevada to The Grand Canyon! This leg of the race is 128 miles!
    • This leg of the race from Seattle to NYC's Peloton Mothership, is focused on being DARING!  You are given one life to life, sometimes to be a little DARING to live it to the fullest.  Sometimes you need to be daring to make those dreams and aspirations become reality.  Start here on this 128mi journey!  
    • With the completion of this and the previous leg of the race, you have biked, ran, rolled and/or danced 1,677.6 miles if you started with us in Seattle, WOW!
    • Artwork by our fellow Sweaxy, Amanda Gavarny!
    • Your race begins after the purchase of this medal.  It is your choice on when you technically start it and when you complete it.  Your Race! Your Pace! 

    • Upon purchase of this race you will  be receiving an email with your invitation to join our group mission through our partnership with MyVirtualMission. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THE EMAIL IMMEDIATELY UPON PURCHASE!

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